Our Professional Services ensures the success of your Business Intelligence project. Our extensive expertise - gathered over many years ensures success and accelerates your return on investment.

You will benefit from a system that meets your business requirements and we will deliver on time and within budget. And we won't leave until you know how to run it.

Digital Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition is simply the gathering of information. If it is publicly available on the Internet we can retrieve it for you. For example you way want a complete list of all every hardware store in Yellow Pages Online or True Local Online, we can scape and retrieve this data and give it to you in your choice of format .csv .sql etc etc. Just imagine the possibilities you could do with this information.

Consulting Services

Consulting provides a team of experienced professionals with a broad range of business and technology experience. A primary objective of consulting services is the transfer of skills to our customers. Consulting not only accelerates the take up of productivity gains and the exchange of ideas, but will also reinforce the skills learned during training. 

Project Management

Formalized and structured method of managing change in a rigorous manner, we will focus on producing specifically defined outputs by a certain time, to a defined quality and with a given level of resources so that planned outcomes are achieved.

Training Services

We offer a variety of training courses on Business Intelligence solutions in addition to our own specialist courses covering enhanced reporting.

Support Services

Ongoing support is also offered to our clients, allowing training to fully reach maximum protential.